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May 16, 2016

Easy Afternoon Lunch Board

As summer is fading away and winter is coming (see what I did there) I thought I would create a small board of afternoon open ‘snack’ sarmies.

Now it may look arty farty but like the title says, these are really easy and if need be, can be made for a crowd. I simply put a bit of rye bread in the oven just to toast lightly and added toppings of cream cheese, rocket, salmon, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes and parma ham.

For my sweeter side, I decided to do a mascarpone cheese, banana, honey, sliced almonds Β and pomegranate seeds (this one was my fav) and, a Nutella, raspberries and chopped almonds.


If you wanna spruce it up a bit like I have all you need is a bloody heavy board that’s to your liking and then just sprinkle a few raspberries around as well as some rocket and chopped almonds and BOOM! You look like a professional (LOL).

If you happen to recreate this banging board please tweet or tag me in your lovely pictures. Enjoy!

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