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May 23, 2016

Winter Lips

Winter is one of my favourite seasons, apart from the cold of course, but it opens you up to so many more options when it comes to picking out an outfit. Winter also means that lips move into warmer and darker colours so, I wanted to share my favourite lippies for the up and coming season.

TIP: for those who love matte as much as I do but know they are not the most moisturising lipsticks, I suggest using MAC’s Matte Crème Matifiante. In a sense, it’s like a matte lipgloss but it adds a whole lot of moisture without the gloss. 

IMG_398144Spiced With Rum:

One of my favourite colours at the moment is a mauve taupe and this lipstick is a perfect match for me. The finish is semi-matte and has amazing longevity. It’s has a very rich colour payoff that also gives off a sort of velvety appearance, making it perfect for daytime to evening.


This lippie is probably my favourite of the six. The shade is a coffee colour with a hint of red, giving it a sort of chocolatey mauve look. It’s really soft and creamy a glides on effortlessly. It feels hydrating and last all day long.

Russian Red:

Well, what can I say about the classic old red lip. This colour is a staple for the season and there was no way I could leave it out. This particular red has a pink undertone, which gives it a bolder look. Pairing it with a classic cat eye makes for the perfect glam look.


I love the name of this lipstick because you really do feel like a diva when you wear it. The pigment payoff on this lipstick is incredible and it has a matte finish. This is a statement lipstick so I prefer to keep the rest of my makeup more natural with softer eye makeup.

Almost Real:

Not being the biggest fan of lipgloss (i can promise you I will say this in every post), I can make an exception for this one. One thing I love most about this particular gloss is that it’s not sticky! It applies silky smooth and it stays that way the whole day. It does have a bit of a coral tone to it but on the lips, it becomes more of a natural nude.

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