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June 20, 2016

Raspberry Chia Pudding

Can I just say, chia pudding is so delicious! If you haven’t you have got to give it a try. Also, trying to get fruit to stick to the side of a glass is so much harder than I thought it would be. I tried everything, from first just sticking the kiwi in, to pouring the chia pudding in and then adding the kiwi, to adding honey to the sides to help it stick. Nothing worked! Until I put them in a few at a time and let them freeze in between each time. But, it was completely worth it in the end because it looked absolutely beautiful. I will add that even though the pomegranate juice is an optional add, I would definitely consider adding it to tie with the pomegranate seed toppings.

IMG_3964 Chia Layoutyu9[

If you do happen to make your own chia pudding using this recipe, I would love to see your creations. So, either tag or tweet me your lovely pictures and don’t forget to enjoy it!

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