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February 6, 2017

Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Roll

This was one of those bakes where I thought to myself, “Sh*t, I’m quite good at this.” (Not to toot my own horn or anything, but you know…), as I lay on the floor trying to get the best shots. According to my books, a swiss roll is quite a difficult task, but it went fairly smoothly, not saying that it was easy, though. The last time I made a swiss roll was when I was in high school for my consumer studies class where I had to roll it with a tea towel, but this one was (thank goodness) a bit simpler. Covered in chocolate ganache and filled with vanilla, honey and raspberry cream cheese, this is the ultimate valentines dessert. It takes a while to make so I would definitely suggest making it the day or evening before you see that special someone, or even for that special dinner party.

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January 16, 2017

Shortbread Lemon Cheesecake tart

Firstly, can I just say, these babies are beautiful! (Well at least I think so) Secondly, they took forever and a day to make! And lastly, they tasted absolutely delicious!

One of my favourite desserts is cheesecake, especially a shortbread lemon cheesecake and what better than your own homemade versions. The shortbread was really crunchy and thin but it took a second batch to perfect. First I made it too thick and then I tried putting wax paper and a weight (which was dried chickpeas, you take what you can get. LOL) to keep them from puffing too much which kinda worked but then the paper got stuck (insert face palm here), eventually I just made them thin enough and finally got it right but it was more than worth the effort.

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November 28, 2016

Advent Calendars 2016

Benefit (R745):

This year Benefit created a 12 Days of Christmas calendar consisting of 12 best-selling minis.  This is a great gift to introduce a friend or family member to the Benefit Cosmetic world as a lot of the products are Benefit classics. The best part is this limited-edition set plays an original “Bene-song” when opened, which I founnd gave it a bit of an old school, classic Christmas card twist.



The Body Shop (R1250):

This is one of the most exciting advent calendars I could get my hands on this year. It’s a FULL 24 Days to Christmas skin-loving Beauty Advent Calendar. Its packed with some of their best-selling bath and body products, including minis and full size as well as parts of their Christmas product range. The box is absolutely gorgeous and each individual product is packaged in its own little box. Unfortunately they are not selling them online in South Africa, but you can get them in store.

img_4148 img_4151


Lindt (R269,95):

Sticking to tradition with the classic old chocolate advent calendar, Lindt has created a fantastic indulgent calendar this year. It consists 24 days of their HELLO chocolate collection which includes flavours like; Cookies and Cream, Caramel Brownie and my personal favourite, Strawberry Cheesecake. If you needed an excuse to have a bit of chocolate before breakfast, well now you have one.

img_4158 img_4159

If you are interested in seeing what is in each day of the beauty advent calendars (The Body Shop & Benefit only), I will be posting snapchat vids of myself opening them everyday until Christmas eve. You can find me on snapchat here: nicady_nic